Garage Pierre Perreault

Rust protection

Garage Pierre Perreault offers you the KROWN brand rust protection application service.

A complete rust protection procedure.


1.Inspection of Vehicle

Our Krown technicians are trained and certified annually. They will inspect your vehicle and create a detailed inspection report before the application.

2.Rubber Edge Trim Treated with Silicone

All door and body edge trim is treated with our specially designed silicone for durable protection and maintenance.

3.Floor Mats and Seat Covers

Technicians protect each vehicle with floor mats and seat covers to ensure that your vehicle leaves the garage in the same condition as when it arrived.

4. Removal of Lights

On certain vehicles, the taillights must be removed to allow for easier access to the rear sections of the vehicle. This ensures the application is complete.

5. Drilling Holes

Before treating the vehicle and drilling access holes, technicians review service diagrams to determine access areas for each specific vehicle.

6. TheVehicle is Treated

Technicians access all areas of your vehicle that are subject to corrosion with specialized tools to ensure a complete protection.

7. Holes Are Greased and Sealed

When all the areas of your vehicle have been treated, each one is inspected and the holes are coated with grease and sealed with special caps.

8. Vehicle Is Washed

The vehicle is then washed with Krown specialty vehicle cleaner to remove any excess Krown product from the painted vehicle surfaces.

9. The Treatment Is Complete and You Get Your Keys Back

Your vehicle is clean and protected from rust and ready to go!

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